Hearing God

January 21, 2023

There are few things I love as much as the topic of ‘does God still speak?’. It was how I encountered Him for the first time in my life, before I had any theology for it, so I am completely convinced that it is His heart. On a really warm Saturday morning I had a chance to share some things I’ve learned along the way with about 70+ people.

We are all different, and God made us so intentionally. My heart for this morning was for us to grow closer to the Father-heart of God by hearing His voice for ourselves, and to grow in grace and understanding for those around us who hear Him differently.

I also got to share a couch-session with some good friends who shared their own stories and testimonies.

By the end of the morning many people were ready to take the first step on what is truly, a life-long adventure.

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