Wildly Pursuing Jesus

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Hello, I’m Lelané

Designer, artist, deep thinker and friend of Jesus.

I committed my life to God in the early hours of the morning on January 1st, 2011. I was on the verge of renouncing my faith entirely, until an encounter with the voice of God changed everything. Since then my heart has been to share the goodness of God with all who would listen.

I create art, write blogs, make videos and create resources to impart wisdom, revelation, and most importantly to stir up your hunger (and mine) for more of Jesus.

May He always get all of the glory.

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Walking in your inheritance

As children of God we are made in His likeness (Gen.1), and as a result, we have creativity as part of our inheritance. It’s not only for the chosen few, it is for everyone.


Embracing your different

You don’t have to look or sound like everyone else for God to speak through you, to you or to use you mightily. In the hands of God, our weaknesses become our greatest superpowers.


Cultivating awe and wonder

It’s time to go deeper. Let’s dare to wildly pursue Jesus, no matter the cost. Marvel at His beauty and delight in the nearness of a Father who loves to draw close. Let us let go of anything that hinders us from more of Him.

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Latest videos

I make videos about Jesus and creativity. Every week we dive into the Word, into a paint palette or into conversational topics.
New videos every Sunday.

Explore creativity

Creativity isn’t just something professional artists have access to. Everyone has their own way and flavour of expressing themselves. If you want to give it a go, check out the creative challenges to help get you started.