When your world shakes

I painted with the Lord again for the first time in quite some time a few weeks ago. This painting was the result. Some things I create are not for sharing. They remain in my journal and will most likely not be seen by anyone. This one, I was sure would be one of them. […]

Embracing Weakness

I have been pretty quiet the last little while. No art, no blogs and social media has been a bit of a graveyard. I have been walking past my art desk day after day, feeling despondent. It has started to feel like what God laid on my heart many years ago, is starting to be […]

Excellence vs Perfection

I have been paging through a little journal of mine recently. I got this little book around the year 2018, and I carried it with me everywhere. It’s the first time I kind of started to embrace my voice in the creative sphere of life. Paging through, 4 years later, I realise that a lot […]