Beauty for ashes : Reflecting on 2021

Here we are, the inevitable ‘out with the old, in with the new’ blog. Have I been avoiding writing this? To be honest, YES! I knew I should about a week ago already and I’ve just casually been distracting myself. I’m not sure what to say about 2021. What do you even say about a […]

Why “adventure”?

If you’ve been around me, or even seen some of my videos, you may have noticed the word tattooed on my arm. This word and this tattoo has been subject to many questions and I welcome all of them. For some it has been an issue of Biblical legitimacy – does the Bible allow tattoos? […]

Who the heck is Lelané Klose?

I’m not going to lie, I’m surprised you’re clicking on this link. It is always a beautiful gift when someone intentionally wants to know you a bit better. My heart is to keep this a platform where authenticity is the standard. I want to be real, and in turn show you that it’s totally okay […]