When your world shakes

I painted with the Lord again for the first time in quite some time a few weeks ago. This painting was the result. Some things I create are not for sharing. They remain in my journal and will most likely not be seen by anyone. This one, I was sure would be one of them. […]

Excellence vs Perfection

I have been paging through a little journal of mine recently. I got this little book around the year 2018, and I carried it with me everywhere. It’s the first time I kind of started to embrace my voice in the creative sphere of life. Paging through, 4 years later, I realise that a lot […]

Does art matter in the church?

I’m not sure about the local church in your community, but in mine, the topic of the arts is not necessarily a popular one. It doesn’t really feel needed in the church, does it? I mean, we’re all getting by just fine without it, aren’t we?  I sat with God a few years ago wrestling […]